What makes guys bored in a relationship

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what makes guys bored in a relationship

Take Control of Your Relationship By Understanding Men! . Finding out what makes you tick is a challenge to him, and men love the thrill of. It's all new and different, and that is what makes it so exciting. Then that wears off. Why do guys change after an year of being in a relationship? 2, Views. It's typical to feel bored in a long-term relationship, as you go about your For some reason, many couples make the mistake of screeching.

Anyone would, given the decision is made after rational thinking.

what makes guys bored in a relationship

Everybody, at least once in their lives, comes to a fork in their lives where they seem to require something more than a girlfriend or boyfriend, wife or husband. Relationships lose the excitement and charm it had in the beginning, and nothing seems to work out like it used to.

5 Men Reveal Why They Get Bored Of Their Women In Relationships

Before, even the slightest touch from her fingers would attract you to her. The sweet smell emitting from her flowing locks mesmerized you beyond belief. And the passion in your kisses were too hot for you to handle. But these days, that intense connection and the need to be with her every single second has somehow disappeared.

Why Men Get Bored Of Relationships?

How can someone go from being obsessively involved with someone, waking up the next day and finding the relationship plain boring? No guy would just decide to lose interest in the girl he's with.

What can be the reason behind this detachment? Many a time, whenever something goes wrong in a relationship, both partners try to find reasons behind getting distant from one another.

Every relationship has its own ups and downs where partners have to face challenges; hearts get broken, trust is shattered, and ill words are exchanged. Which is why, for every bump in the road, there is a valid reason behind it.

So what can be the reason for a guy to become bored with his own girlfriend? Are there any concrete reasons or just irrational and immature thinking is at play?

5 Men Reveal Why They Get Bored Of Their Women In Relationships

What is missing in their lives is the feeling of excitement, spontaneity, thrill, passion, and perhaps romance. Some men thrive over the constant need to find something new that will satisfy them emotionally and physically. When all these things run their course, the exhilaration fizzles down. He said - She was too easy to have.

7 Ways To Avoid Getting Bored In A Relationship

I need a challenge from a girl Some guys like girls who are hard to get. I guess it's some kind of notion they have in their minds that hard-to-get girls are much more exciting to be with.

Whether this thinking is true or false, if a guy has such thoughts brewing in his mind, it could lead to dissatisfaction and boredom in any relationship. He said - I cannot take her nagging at me all the time All men like to stay away from women who have the tendency to nag a lot.

In the beginning of the relationship, some women try to show their outgoing, carefree nature. However, if they incline towards being a controlling person, soon they end up expressing it out loud.

what makes guys bored in a relationship

Here are few reasons to know why men get bored of relationship. Lack of love and lust: A healthy relationship should have love and romance every time.

Major Reasons Why Men in Relationships Get Bored | PairedLife

Due to hectic schedule and responsibilities, often you forget to spend time with him and this gives him too much space to start staying without you. It is very important to keep the spark of love and lust alive as men feel physical bonding is equally crucial to the mental one.

When there are too many fights and unnecessary arguments on silly issues, men gradually start losing interest in women and feel that staying alone or with friends is better than being with the fighting woman.

When you demand marriage: Men avoid giving commitments and women date only on the basis of commitment. If you are in a serious relationship, she will expect you to take it further by marrying. Men feel marriage is a trap from which they can't come out.

what makes guys bored in a relationship

Most of the men get bored of their relationship when they start conversing about marriage. Interest in other woman: One common reason behind the lack of interest in the present love is the third date. Falling for another woman can make a man think less about you and more about her.