St matthias track meet

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st matthias track meet

4th New Jersey Middle School Track and Field Invitational. May 5, Lakewood Middle School St. Matthias School, Somerset, NJ, Registered, Results. Email: [email protected] Founded Mass Schedule. Saturday Vigil: Pastors. First-time parents attend a Pre-Jordan Meeting prior to Baptism, .. English, Spanish, ASL, and a track for young women. PRIOR TO VASSAR: Ran both cross country and track and field for the Tigers of Ridgefield earned the Clutch Performance Award for cross country in.

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Matthias that go back to when her nieces and nephews attended the school several years ago. Amatie has actively participated in school activities, and also served as 2nd grade class parent last year. In her professional life, Mrs. Amatie is a Certified Government Financial Manager and Project Management Personnel with an innate ability to communicate, lead, and coach. She has extensive public sector financial management and project management experience, specializing in Financial Management policy, Accounting, Budget Execution, Internal Controls, and Financial Statements.

She is now certified in Elementary Education and Special Education. She teaches Kindergarten at Saint Matthias School. She is the assistant softball coach at Saint Vincent Pallotti High school. She helped this fall with the cross country team at Saint Matthias.

Kelvin also is a Certified Public Accountant. Kelvin served on the school advisory board for St. Mary of the Assumption School. Beth Blaufuss president of Archbishop Carroll High School, a community with a proud sixty-year history of combining academic excellence, Catholic spiritual growth and a commitment to social justice.

She began her career in education as an English teacher and have worked at independent, public and Catholic schools. She grew up in Kansas and Tennessee. She has lived in Washington for sixteen years and attends St. In her free time, she enjoys writing and running half marathons slowly.

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Edith Damron has been immersed in Christian education since she was born. Edith, her husband, Craig, and their three adult children live in University Park, Maryland. With a decade of experience in the Archdiocese of Washington, Abbie is a former high school teacher and elementary school counselor.

A graduate of The University of Maryland and George Washington University, Abbie has a focus on student-centered instruction and character education. She and her husband have two children and three dogs.

Tommy Paolucci is in his fifteenth year in Catholic Education, as well as his fifteenth year serving students and families at DeMatha Catholic High School.

Our goal is to show love and forgiveness at all times. Our K-1 and K-2 classes will have daily communication sheets that will keep parents informed as to class participation and behavior. To make certain that every child is treated with respect and care; our teachers adhere by the following guidelines when disciplining a child. No child shall be subjected to any form of corporal punishment, handled roughly, or confined in any way. Children may be restrained if they are a direct threat to themselves or others.

Discipline shall never be delegated to another child.

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Discipline shall never be exercised for a child not eating or for a lapse in potty training. Biting As with any behavior, how biting is dealt with depends upon the ages of the children involved, the reason for the biting if it can be determinedfrequency of the biting and many other specific circumstances.

General guidelines for biting include: Helping the bitten child feel better or providing appropriate first aid, if warranted. Discussing the situation with the biter's parent. Depending on the ages and circumstances involved, additional actions might include: Discussing a better solution with all children involved.

Separation of involved children. Ensuring that the environment provides enough challenging activities.

4th New Jersey Middle School Track and Field Invitational

Carefully observing the involved child to identify precipitating events and prevent recurrences. Maintaining a log to track when the behavior occurs.

st matthias track meet

Conferences with parents to discuss the child's actions at home, parental discipline techniques, search for outside resources, etc. Just as any other behavior issue regarding a child is confidential, the name of the child that has bitten is also confidential, in order to ensure the privacy of the child and family and prevent bias from others enrolled in the center.

We will keep you informed as to what steps are being taken and if bites are from the same or a different child. Informative handouts are given to parents regarding biting.

st matthias track meet

Biting is often a common behavioral action of frustration in young children; however it is our responsibility to ensure the safety of our preschool children.

We will follow the Parental notification Policy below after 2 bites; this policy will also be followed for other behavioral Issues as well. Parental Notification Policy for Behavioral Issues Parents will be notified when our methods are not adequate to keep a child under control and will be expected to work with our staff to correct the situation in the best interest of the child and still maintain an orderly and loving class.

The following will occur when notifying the parents does not solve the problem: Conference between parents, teachers, and director Suspension from program for a reasonable amount of time, in which you are responsible for paying tuition. We will make every attempt to locate and return lost items. This task is much easier if your child's name is on the items. We cannot be responsible for any personal items that your child may bring to school.

Toy Policy Please do not send toys or other items from home unless requested by the teacher. Please have the issue of toys being removed from the child before car line drop off. The staff at the SMLC Preschool will take the approach of starting each day on a positive note, when we are forced to take toys away from children in the morning this sets a negative tone for the day about preschool for your child.

No Weapon or Rough Play Policy Our students will not be allowed to play guns, swords, or any weapon oriented game. Our students will be reminded of this and redirected if needed.

Please help your child understand this policy. Matthias Lutheran Church Preschool opens enrollment for the upcoming school year in January to current students and siblings as well as church members. In February, enrollment is open to the public. All current students that enroll in January are guaranteed a spot, however after the exclusive January enrollment for in house students, enrollment becomes first come serve to those who submit form and payment.

When registering your child, please provide a completed enrollment form and current immunization record. September 1st is the cut-off date used to decide which class a child is eligible for.

Photo Release At the beginning of each school year, parents will be asked to fill out a photo release form for your child. The release is used to gain parent permission for the purposes of promoting services at St.