On the relationship of fracture energy to fiber debonding

The fracture energy, which is related to the fracture toughness by Equation 10, Fibre Fracture; Interfacial Debonding and Crack Deflection; Fibre Pull-Out. The debonding of a single fiber is analyzed based on fracture mechanics. Though the conditions given in equation () show a high explicit level about the . Fiber pull-out is one of the failure mechanisms in fiber-reinforced composite materials. Other forms of failure include delamination, intralaminar matrix cracking, longitudinal matrix splitting, fiber/matrix debonding, and fiber fracture. The cause of fiber pull-out and delamination is weak bonding. Fracture Mechanics, Current Status, Future Prospects.

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on the relationship of fracture energy to fiber debonding

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  • Fracture Energy and Fracture Behavior of Short-Fiber-Reinforced SMC Composites