7 of swords reversed relationship tips

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7 of swords reversed relationship tips

The keyword deceit, however, can occur in many ways. Some good For feelings, Seven of Swords is a tarot card that you should not hope to get. Why?. 7 of Swords Tarot Card Meanings - seven of knives - upright The seven of swords indicates that something is taken away from you or that you are take. Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meaning, Seven of Swords. A man in a Fez hat is striding away with five of the seven swords he wants to steal. Two remaining swords are . These exoteric elements are only the tip of the iceberg. Many blinds.

When the reversed 7 of Swords appears, you are probably getting good advice about money but you may be tending to ignore it. Listen hard to what you hear other people saying. This is not a time to gamble or take risks with money in any way. Make sure you know what you are getting into. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't true.

If you think you need more rest, then rest, even if you just got back from a two week vacation! If you feel the urge to talk to someone about your health concerns then do so. At the same time, don't hesitate to get second or third opinions when it comes to invasive procedures. This is a good time to keep your own counsel when it comes to your spiritual beliefs.

7 of swords reversed relationship tips

This position is in the world of Yetzirah. Interestingly, the sphere of Netzach or Victory is governed by Venus, the planet of romance and love. Taken in these very simple terms, we have the world of formation Yetzirah being governed by a Venusian realm of victory or our realm of emotions. One could feel that they are forming another opinion of someone they love. If you were to travel from Hod to Netzach, you would notice that the path is the Tower.

I re-emphasize that someone is readjusting their image of you or you are readjusting your imagine of them. They are acting from an emotional level, which needs to be rebalanced with the mind Hod. Some new information is being presented. This could come as quite a shock to either you or the other person.

What combinations on the tree can you come up with? Do you study the Tree of Life in conjunction with tarot? If not, you might want to add it slowly to your list of things to do.

Tarot is a useful tool and takes years to really understand.

Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - 7 Of Swords Reversed

These exoteric elements are only the tip of the iceberg. Many blinds have been set up and the image of the Seven of Swords is merely a blind for something much deeper. Again, I want to stress the importance of this exoteric knowledge being in our field of mass consciousness right now, so your interpretation from an exoteric standpoint is, in fact, valid, but if you were to dig deeper into a spread and see all the other cards, you might be able to correlate them to the Tree of Life and Astrology to come up with the perfect, exact conclusion.

Like I said prior, it depends on the surrounding cards. Did you get the Lovers or the Tower in this reading? If so then we have more clues as to the outcome. This is taken from a purely basic esoteric perspective. The Seven of Swords have seven swords on it; they lack illustrated pictures. The Thoth deck and Builders of the Adytum deck both use this method. Thoth puts the Seven of Swords attached to the word Futility, but he also uses the corresponds such as Moon in Aquarius.

Seven of Swords in Love and Relationships - Priania

For now, they are in our sphere of mass consciousness, so it is what we have to work with. Seven of Swords Professions Carnie. Military, especially Turkish or North African. Any profession that involves going at it solo. Seven of Swords Reversed The Seven of Swords reversed can indicate a situation that catches you off guard. A sneaky, scheming plan you may have had has fallen through.

Someone else may have the upper hand and uses excessive lies to manipulate you even further. You may start babbling and are caught completely off guard and blindsided. On the other side, you may want honesty from a situation and get it.

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You realize how you've been duped the entire time. A lover, friend or business associate could come clean about how they have manipulated you. You are now mentally confused because your allies have turned against you and are really your enemies. This might be a good time to channel your own inner upright Seven of Swords and turn the page against them.

7 of swords reversed relationship tips

On another level, it can indicate that a thief or criminal is caught. A woman he can't have will break his heart. Seven of Swords and Emperor a. You refuse to change your position and resort to underhanded and manipulative tactics to get your way. You use your words, clout and power to get your way in situations. Seven of Swords and Strength a. Your lover or spouse maybe sneaking around for a sexual rendezvous.

Seven of Swords and Eight of Wands a. All log in attempts failed b. Electronics not working Seven of Swords and Ace of Swords a. Seven of Swords and Three of Swords a. Being sneaky ends up hurting you. You lose something that hurts all three people involved including yourself. Reversed Seven of Swords and Eight of Swords a.

7 of swords reversed relationship tips

Could you trust him? Would you want to? We must also remember that The Seven of Swords is a Stage Card and that means that looks can be deceiving.

The Seven of Swords as Feelings in a Love Reading

Therefore, the first impression you get may not be the correct one. The man in this Card may be putting on an act. He may be pretending to be one thing while actively being another. What is going on may not be what you think. Because of this, you will need extra information. To describe this tricky Card I have used a storyline which somewhat follows the plot or saga of the preceding Swords Cards. They had tried everything they could to overcome and prevail but the odds were against them, the enemy too strong.

And so, they made their escape by boat, undercover of darkness, to seek shelter and sanctuary on another shore. They had left their Swords behind on the ground after they had been confiscated or surrendered. This left them powerless and with no choice but to go. They needed to put distance between them and the immediate dangers threatening their safety in the Five.

The Swords left behind were also their problems and symbolic of how they got into the mess in the first place. They stood for negative attitudes, rigid mindsets, angry words and most importantly poor communication. They had all used their Swords for the wrong reasons. They had been put to destructive use both externally and internally.

Regardless of who won control of the Swords, there is no real victory for they have left a trail of disaster in their wake. Even though they had left their Swords behind on the ground, they still subconsciously travelled with them. It would not be possible to leave them behind. The Figures in the boat in Card Six may think only of the power that the surrendered Swords gave them and focus only on that loss.

The scars of battle run far deeper than that. Is it really possible for them to get over everything, all the trauma, upset and loss by just re-locating? Can they clear the thoughts of anger and revenge from their pillaged minds? Will the Figure in Card Five be content to let them get away, to just leave it at that? Maybe he is not finished with them yet. He may have stood on the cliff side and watched the boat sail away into the distance. He may have decided to let them think they were getting away, for the moment anyway.

He has to decide now whether they are worth the bother or not. For the moment, he will let them settle into a false sense of security. They are bound to drop their guard eventually, and then should the feeling take him, he will make his attack.

No one is going to get the better of him for he knows every trick in the book. Exhausted and weary, they fell at the feet of the strong bodied guards and told the story of the battle on the far island. They asked for protection and sanctuary. The head of the army came to talk to them and asked for information regarding the enemy they had just escaped from. He was planning an attack on this man for some time and the appearance of these refugees would give him the vital inside details he required to form a strategic plan of attack.

They willingly hand over the information before being led to one of the army tents to be fed and for some rest.

7 of swords reversed relationship tips

The could relax now because they were safe. The Army Chief drew his closest man to him and ordered him to keep guard over the tent for he was not sure if he could trust the people within. Who knows whether what they told him was true or not? He only had their word for the account of what happened on the other island. They could be spies for all he knows, feeding information back to the enemy. He heads off to his Military Operations tent to prepare. Meanwhile, concealed behind a nearby tent is a young Soldier.

He stands in the shadows and makes no noise. He could stand to make a lot of money with all he has heard. He is sure that the Man on the far island would reward him well for his efforts. Who cares which side is right or wrong for it is just another battle, another war? The cleverest, most cunning one will win and when they do, he will make sure to be supporting that side. Waiting until dark, the Soldier crawls on hands and knees around the back of the men who sit around camp fires talking and laughing.

They talk in hushed tones but he can make out what they are saying. The Soldier on the ground outside must move fast if he is to gain out of this. Crawling back through the tents, he moves far away from where his comrades are seated. The Soldier has to get to the far island and talk to the Man himself, but how will he convince him that he acts in his interest?

There is a danger that he will be killed instantly and tossed into the sea. He heads for the tent where all the army weapons are held.