20s relationship advice

20s relationship advice

Learn more about what advice a dating coach gave me. and what makes you awesome and this will just make your relationships better because you won't be. My husband tells me that when he dated in his early twenties, he thought he was supposed to give each relationship a real shot, even when the. Having a relationship might one of the hardest things there is. This is even more difficult if you're in your 20s. Couples still have a long list of mistakes they must.

Find the two most important traits for you to have in a partner and date people that align with those traits. You will communicate through everything else in the relationship and it will work out. Focus on how the person makes you feel.

20s relationship advice

Let go of all you think you want a person to look and act like. Make sure you date all types of people. It will help you grow, push you to communicate your needs and wants, and you may just be surprised who you end up with once you finally meet your soul mate.

With the introduction of social media, people will have more options on how to meet potential partners. It will become common practice to date multiple people at once and even disappear, versus communicate their feelings, when they are no longer interested.

Wish them luck on their journey and continue on.

20s relationship advice

Spend your time getting to know someone before hooking up. You love the chase and have a tendency to continue the chase once you hook up.

Secrets To A Successful Long Term Relationship In Your 20s

Take them on a date and spend time exploring the city together — walks with frozen yogurt through the parks are your favorite. Embrace that move a little bit earlier. Be honest with what you really want.


This is going to be a concept you struggle with for a while, but monogamy may not be right for you. Whatever agreement you create in a relationship, always honor and respect the agreement you have in place.

Secrets To A Successful Long Term Relationship In Your 20s | Katie's Bliss

The traditional concept of love, and what you always thought you wanted as a kid, will evolve and modern love will be whatever two people want it to be and look like.

The best way to figure this out, start back at number 1! Bryan, the short of this is know yourself really well. Even better than your parents AND they raised you! Let go of your expectations, date all types of people that align with the values and interests that make you happy in life, and focus on how people make you feel. Until you find the love that matches the dream in your head, enjoy the journey!

In a relationship you should never fear voicing your feelings on something for fear of your partner disagreeing or being offended. Your long term goals align. From the beginning, Nick and I were very much on the same page about our future. We knew we wanted to move to a large city with the goal of eventually getting engaged, starting a family and perhaps one day settling in the suburbs. It was important that we had all these conversations before we moved in together.

You always consider the other person when making decisions. Nick and I have always been very selfless in that we naturally think about how something would affect the other person and our relationship before making any decision. I would say that the majority of arguments and disagreements that we had our first few years as a couple stemmed from money.

The financial strain of being poor college students progressing to post-grads with small starting salaries and massive student debt put a lot of pressure on both of us.

Dating In My 20's: 12 Tips I Wish I Knew To Prepare Myself for Love

When it came to expenses there was always a tug and pull of who should pay. Experiencing money troubles together forced us both to talk openly about our personal finances, develop responsible spending habits and contribute to our own savings and retirement accounts. Today neither of us makes a big purchase without talking about it with the other person.

Not asking for permission per se, but just clueing them in to get their opinion. Nick and I share similar financial values so being on the same page on how we spend makes the not so fun decisions we have to make as a couple much easier.

I hope this post is helpful and was able to give a little insight into our eight years— would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!