Old friends meet political cartoon

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old friends meet political cartoon

Results: of 46 | Refined by: Part of: Cartoon Prints, American Remove Subject: Slavery agitation against slavery as an affront to American friends of repeal, who contributed . Honest old Abe on the Stump, at the ratification Meeting of. Cartoons from The New Yorker's stable of cartoonists. Check out the latest drawings, “Oh, crap—it's Old Testament Santa.” “Nice to meet you, Ashley. Canadian WWI Political Cartoons This post takes a look at how political cartoons changed overtime as the journalists and Old Friends Meet.

Remember this depiction though of the necessity of war by the Canadian Liberal Monthly. Henri Bourassa, a French Canadian nationalist, initially supported the war but eventually changed his mind.

old friends meet political cartoon

He questioned why Canadians were risking their lives for a foreign war that had little to do with the country. He held the same opinion of the Boer War. Ypres was a victory, but nevertheless a devastating one for Canadians gas attacks were introduced during Ypres. Up until Vimy Ridge, it was commonly referred to as an example of the bravery of Canadian soldiers.

Easily my favorite of the cartoons. This was especially apparent in French Canada. Their opinion of the war quickly soured as death tolls rose and rumours of conscription began to leak out. Why were we involved and letting so many of our men die for a foreign war that had little impact on us?

old friends meet political cartoon

Non-Ontario based newspapers particularly showcased the discontent. Many people in rural Canada felt the war would do nothng expect cause death, destruction, and drain the Canadian agriculutral sector of both manpower and resources. Nothing says Christmas like widespread death! Remember the previous cartoon from the Canadian Liberal Monthly?

Their pro-war stance had certainly suffered since. To the horror of traditionalists, tens of thousands of women were now working. Volunteers for the war effort were rapidly vanishing. The response to this was conscription, but the debate over the issue caused relations between English and French Canada to deteriorate. Newspapers covered all of this, as well as detailed military successes and the rising death tolls.

National politics At the age of 28, Tammany Hall encouraged Tweed to run for alderman. In he won the election.

That same year, he won another election to US House of Representatives. But his zeal for national politics was less than spectacular, and he lost his seat after his first two-year term. This is when Tweed really stepped up his corruption game. Thomas Nast Cartoons Instead of being a criminal lawyer, he was a criminal who was a lawyer. New York City Draft Riot of Irishmen who were arriving by the tens of thousands in the early s faced an impossible choice: In July ofNew York City was undefended by Union troops they were busy mopping up at Gettysburg and full fledged riot took hold of the city that killed people.

He actually warned the rival Republican Mayor of the impending violence and got him out of the city.

How a cartoonist took down the most corrupt and powerful politicians in New York

This put him in perfect position to curry favor, which he did by accepting bribes to keep men from being conscripted in the army. Republicans were especially perturbed about losing their hold on the city during a time when they dominated Northern politics. Mental Floss Tweed never really went to much effort to hide what he was doing.

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But someone was unafraid to take shots at him and used a very unusual medium to attack the Boss. Thomas Nast Thomas Nast would rise to fame in the late s when his innovative, satirical comics led directly to the arrest of Boss Tweed.

Canadian WWI Political Cartoons – All About Canadian History

Nast was a German immigrant who came to the United States with his family when he was six years old. He made it just two years longer in school than Tweed, but unlike Tweed, when he returned to school in he found his calling at the National Academy of Art.

old friends meet political cartoon

Pinterest Originally, Nast became famous for his depictions of the Civil War. He believed in the fight taking place down South and depicted images that encouraged men to join the Union Army. His attack on President Andrew Johnson and his handling of the Reconstruction era is legendary.

The cartoon he created depicts Johnson as the evil Iago as he plots against Othello.

old friends meet political cartoon

CartoonStock The wounded veteran portrayed as the Moor Othello is being denied his rights after fighting for his country. Johnson was later impeached, and escaped indictment by one single vote. They bribed city officials, rigged elections, and corrupted the judiciary. Always one to return favors, Tweed put his support behind Judge Barnard; the same judge that illegally issued his law license. Under his thumb Tweed made a point of dipping every one of his dirty fingers and toes into all the little pools in New York City.

The Treasury One thing that Tweed was notorious for was overcharging, and when it came to his printer and stationary companies, he charged exorbitant fees.

old friends meet political cartoon

But there was a bigger prize he had in mind, and it came in the form of the city treasury. He cleverly obtained the prize of New York City Treasury by creating an audit board that oversaw it, then sat on the audit board. Viral History Taking over control of the Treasury is when Tweed got really out of control. He set up fake leases and pocketed the funds. He also set up unnecessary repairs and bought overpriced goods using treasury funds, then effectively pocketed the extra and laundered into his coffers.

The Dead Rabbits New York city was beginning to take notice; Tweed and his cronies had their share of enemies.

Old Friends Meet

Violence was their best means of keeping other gangs at bay, and in they caused the Dead Rabbits riot that resulted in eight men killed and dozens injured. For example, one week before Tweed ran for New York State Senator inthe New York Times published a damning account of his corrupt practices and it was sufficient enough to have him arrested. Just days later, he defeated his opponent and won the State Senate seat anyway.

Nast worked for an editorial magazine, but he never held back when it came to expressing his opinions. It had a horse stable close by and he also had a Greenwich estate and two private yachts. Wikimedia Commons From their position as auditors of the city treasury, the Tweed Ring used the funds like their own private piggy bank. But the books were cooked by the former accountant and reports vary widely about how much he stole. Diamond stickpin Boss Tweed was living the good life at the expense of the city and those he placed under his thumb.

His waist line was evidence of his love of food, as he often dined on the best: It was outlandish for a public official to be indulging in such decadence, and Tweed did so unapologetically.

One journalist suggested as a spoof that a statue be erected of him.