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until we meet again dbz power

Until We Meet Again” Dragon Ball Super's 55 episode long (yes you read that correctly) Tournament of Power arc finally comes to a close. DBGT Episode 64 - Until We Meet Again. and they have all abused the power of the Dragon Balls, he tells them that he, and the Dragon Balls. Show: Dragon Ball GT Episode: 64 Year: Writer(s): N/A To be perfectly honest, while Dragon Ball GT gets a bad rap from the fanbase I do.

GohanVideland Chi-Chi return to their homes. Goten and Gohan try to comfort Chi-Chi by telling her that Goku always comes back for dinner. Pan asks Trunks if the Dragon Balls will ever come back. Trunks talks to Pan about the Dragon Balls, and is confident that they will again come back one day.

Then Pan looks worried, and she stumbles upon Goku's Gi. Vegeta tells her to take good care of it and then flies off, leaving Pan alone.

until we meet again dbz power

Pan, with tears in her eyes, wonders if Goku will ever come back during her lifetime. They start talking about the past and end up having a little play fight.

until we meet again dbz power

Krillin wins and then Goku disappears. Goku also visits Piccolowho is now in Hell keeping watch over everyone there.

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Goku tells Piccolo that he will get out of Hell someday and then leaves without saying goodbye. Many people see Goku with Shenron, including Yamcha and Puar who seemed like they were fixing their caras well as Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzuwho are busy training.

Goku leaves with Shenron Goku goes with the dragon and lays on his stomach. Shenron roars then vanishes. Pan is the only one alive of the old Z Fighters as all of them have died of natural causes, and she is old. She has a grandson. Her grandson, Goku Jr. Right beside Pan, there was a lady that looked like Bulma. She asks Pan if Goku Jr. She says, "He's my grandson!! The lady says sorry and declares that her son will still win. In the stadium, there are two statues dedicated to the two most admired heroes in the history of Earth.

One is dedicated to Mr. Satan and the other one is dedicated to Goku. The fight starts and they both hit each other hard. I didn't know we could both become blond!

Pan looks at the other side of the crowd and sees Goku Now an adult again without his tail watching the battle. Frieza is still on the back foot in terms of strength, so it does leave me wondering how he will compete with Goku in that regard, even with Ultra Instinct inaccessible at the moment.

His time spent with Goku surely left a mark as well, so how will that play into their relationship going forward.

Until We Meet Again

Android 17 ended up being the hero of the day. The Tournament of Power brought a lot of characters back into the fold, but none benefited from it as much as Android The revelation that Zen-Oh would have erased everyone had 17 not wished for everyone to be saved only makes his wish better as it truly highlights how far Android 17 has come in such a short time.

Super defies the idea that the Saiyans can only save the day. As great as Goku is as the hero, allowing other characters to share the spotlight makes for more interesting stories. These two are polar opposites in terms of character, but both with a desire to live to fight another day and uphold the promises they made to each other.

It also carries through tactfully to Android 17, a former villain, making the prized wish, too.

until we meet again dbz power

Toppo and Jiren also saw their own growth from this as is seen when Toppo stands up and cheers for his near-death comrade. The epilogue scene was a delightful sendoff for Dragon Ball Super. The Goku and Vegeta battle was a nice call-back to days gone by, and the presence of Frieza and his army makes an easy setup for future conflict. The fan in me would have liked to see anything else teased to let the series simmer on until the inevitable next series arrives, like potential consequences for reviving all the universes, but I still came out incredibly happy with the end.

until we meet again dbz power

The animation and audio design work perfectly together, making the final battle amazing to behold.