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Describe relationship between Orsino and Viola after a few days of working for the Duke. Orsino greatly trusts Viola Viola begins to fall in love with Orsino. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of what Duke Orsino is up to during Twelfth Orsino says that since he's shared secrets with "Cesario," his boy page. Duke Orsino. BACK · NEXT. Character Analysis. Orsino is the powerful Duke of Illyria – he's a bachelor and the object of Viola's affection but he's trying to woo.

Identify and describe verbally the primary scenic, auditory, and other physical characteristics of selected theatrical performances IV. Where are these people? What time period are they in? But why not simply set the play in the time in which it was written?

What is the purpose of setting a classic play in the present? The answer to that question is simple: In our production of Twelfth Night, the designers and I were struck by the fact that all of the characters endow others with what they want them to be.

This allows them to fool themselves into thinking that what they are seeing in others is real. So we decided that the costumes should reflect this notion.

The image we started with was that of actors rehearsing the play before they leave the rehearsal hall to go to the stage. They use whatever is around them to make the things that they need. If they need a golden chalice, they use a plastic bottle. If they need money, they use buttons. If they need a candle, they use a flashlight stuck on plate. A piece of tightly wrapped fabric becomes a corset.

Shakespeare, "Twelfth Night", Act 1 Scene 1, Orsino: "If music be the food of love..." - BBC

An apron becomes a tailcoat… You get the idea. We hope to highlight this idea that runs through the play: But it often turns out that what is there is exactly what we need. Based on painting by Ingres. Your Role as the Audience The audience plays an integral role in every live performance, and especially in National Players shows.

The audience is, in fact, a key element in making live theatre such a special medium and so different from television and film. During a live performance, please keep in mind that the actors onstage can both see and hear the audience.

While actors enjoy listening to the audience react, talking and making loud comments only serve to distract not only the actors, but fellow audience members as well. How to hear Shakespeare When watching a Shakespearean play, there are many things to keep in mind.

Sometimes the language in which Shakespeare writes can be difficult to understand but once you do, it's really very fun. Watch body language, gestures, and facial expressions. Good Shakespearean actors communicate what they are saying through their body. In theory, you should be able to understand much of the play without hearing a word.

So watch the show, let the story move you in whatever way is true to you. Laugh if you want to laugh, be afraid, intrigued, shocked, confused or horrified. The actors want you to be involved in the story they are telling. But please be respectful of the actors working hard to bring you a live performance and to the audience around you trying to enjoy the play.

And remember, you will have the opportunity to ask any question about the play or the actors after the show during our Question-and-Answer session.

There is a rhythm to each line, almost like a piece of music. Shakespeare wrote in a form called iambic pentameter. This basically means that each line is made up of five feet each foot is two syllables with the emphasis on the first syllable. Read a synopsis or play summary ahead of time. Find the humor, laugh, and have a good time! He is in love with Olivia— although some may argue that he is in love with the idea of being in love.

Twelfth Night - Duke Orsino declares a double wedding

Although he tries to serve him as best he can, he is not as close to the duke as the newly arrived Cesario. The Shipwrecked V i o l a C e s a r i o is a young woman of aristocratic birth and the twin sister of Sebastian.

She dresses as a young man named Cesario in order to act as page to Duke Orsino, and she quickly becomes his close confidante.

S e b a s t ia n is the twin brother of Viola. He is mistaken for Cesario when he enters Illyria, and mayhem ensues. A n t o n i o is a sea captain who rescues Sebastian after the shipwreck. He accompanies Sebastian in Illyria— because he cares for him and wishes to protect him— but this is dangerous for Antonio because he is a wanted man in Illyria. The S e a C a p t a i n and Viola are shipwrecked together.

He helps her in becoming Cesario and introduces her to the duke.

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Olivia is in mourning over the death of her brother, and she vows to hold to her mourning period for seven years. Olivia falls in love with Viola when she is disguised as Cesario. She does not approve of his chaotic, drunken behavior, but Sir Toby has an ally in the household as well—Maria. She runs the household and schemes with Sir Toby. Although he believes himself to be witty and brave, he is an utter fool.

Fe s t e is a jester and musician who lends his services to Olivia, and to Orsino as well. Wise counsel is often concealed within his entertainment.

He is quite impressed by his own virtue and harbors a secret love for Olivia. His disdain for fun, along with his haughtiness, earns him the enmity of Maria, Sir Toby and Sir Andrew. The F r i a r, or priest, is called upon by Olivia so that she can be married to Cesario.

Twelfth Night Synopsis With a plot full of hidden love, foolery, music, and an ultimately triumphant ending, Twelfth Night has delighted audiences for years. She, however, has rejected all of his advances because she is in mourning for her recently deceased brother.

Meanwhile, Viola and a sea captain, who have been rescued from a shipwreck, land on the coast of Illyria and Viola believes that her twin brother, Sebastian, has been killed in the wreck. Defenseless, Viola decides to disguise herself as a young man and seek service with Duke Orsino. Unbeknownst to her, however, Sebastian has been rescued by Antonio, another sea captain, and has landed in further up the coast. He begins to make his way to Illyria with Antonio. Maria begs them to be quieter; but when Malvolio comes in and reprimands them for their carelessness, they all decide to exact revenge on him.

Maria forges a note that appears to have been sent by Olivia to a lover; when Malvolio receives it, he is sure that it is meant for him. The plot against Malvolio works to perfection: As the two unwilling duelists prepare to fight, Antonio rushes in and, believing that Cesario is Sebastian, prevents the duel. However, when officers seize Antonio as a former enemy to Illyria, he begs Cesario to vouch for him.

Convinced that Cesario is a coward, Sir Andrew rushes out to challenge the page; but instead of Cesario he finds Sebastian. Olivia enters and speaks lovingly to Cesario. Sir Andrew and Sir Toby, meanwhile, have inadvertently picked a fight with Sebastian believing him to be Cesario and both enter wounded and bleeding.

However, when Sebastian appears almost immediately, all the characters realize that they have been dealing with almost-identical twins. Matches are made all around: Everyone is happy except Malvolio, who vows revenge on the whole group. Ault and Lewis M. Magill, Littlefield, Adams and Co. The Man Behind the Words Throughout the decades, William Shakespeare has come to be revered as one of the greatest playwrights in the history of theatre. A countess of high social standing and great beauty, her hand in marriage is desired by Orsino.

She has resigned herself to seven years solitude following the loss of first her father and then her much loved brother. Spurning love in all its forms, she shuns Orsino's romantic overtures, but at the sight of Cesario, falls deeply in love, causing many problems for Cesario really Viola. She later marries Sebastian, who looking exactly like Cesario, also steals Lady Olivia's heart.

When the ship he and Viola were traveling on sinks, he fears his sister dead, as her sister does of him. Frequently mistaken for Cesario, Sebastian eventually is reunited with his sister, earlier taking the hand the willing Countess Olivia as his wife. Nonetheless he accompanies Sebastian in his travels. Memorable for the expression, "That danger shall seem sport Sir Toby Belch, Uncle to Olivia: As Olivia's uncle, Sir Toby passes away his time drinking in Olivia's house with fellow drinker Sir Andrew Aguecheek, much to the displeasure of Olivia, her servant Maria and Olivia's uptight and humorless steward Malvolio.

A great schemer of practical jokes, Sir Toby enjoys playing tricks on Malvolio, his friend Sir Andrew and anyone else who captures his fleeting attention. The drinking partner of Sir Toby, he too pushes Lady Olivia's patience and hospitality with his continuously loud and lewd behavior.

Described by Sir Toby as being "as tall a man as any's in Illyria", Sir Andrew is not overly intelligent, Sir Andrew like Sir Toby having little love for the annoying Malvolio and is party to a practical joke against him. Sir Andrew however is greatly valued by Sir Toby since he is rich, earning some "three thousand ducats a year. Naive by nature, he is manipulated by Sir Toby into pursuing Lady Olivia since this will maintain Sir Toby's drinking lifestyle. As Lady Olivia's steward, Malvolio sees himself in a somewhat grandiose light, imagining Olivia to love him and wishing to be more than his current rank.

This and his continuous disapproval of Sir Toby and Sir Andrew's drinking, earn him their hatred and he quickly becomes their pawn in a complex romantic ruse.