Monsters inc mike and sully meet

Mike and Sulley Monsters, Inc Meet and Greet Coming to Hollywood Studios

monsters inc mike and sully meet

Monsters University tells the story of how Mike and Sulley met and became friends while they attended Monsters University's "School of Scaring.". For a movie about animated monsters, "Monsters Inc." has some real When Mike and Sully meet and fall in love with Boo, it becomes pretty. A young Mike and Sulley in Monsters University [Disney/Pixar] in the idea that Sully and Boo/Mary could meet each other once again. It could.

During the field trip, Mike tries to get a look at the scare floor but the other students push him aside, telling him he doesn't belong there. Mike watches Frank scare a child then follows him back through the door. Frank is not only surprised but impressed with Mike for sneaking in unnoticed, giving him his Monsters University cap. This incident spurs Mike to become a scarer and attend MU. On the first day at college, a now year-old Mike's roommate is revealed to be Randall Boggs his and Sulley's eventual archenemy who is friendly towards Mike.

When he sees Randall's invisibility at work, Mike encourages him to use it more, telling him to lose his glasses which don't turn invisible. Sullivan, who despite his natural talent is lazy and arrogant. Knight's classroom and tells all of the students that they all had to complete a final exam at the end of the semester which will determine if they stay in the program. Mike immediately commits to studying hard.

Sulley then comes in through the window having stolen Archie the Scare Pig rival school Fear Tech 's mascot. Archie steals Mike's hat and runs off. Finally, the two monsters get into an argument and they accidentally knock over Hardscrabble's scare can. Though she is calm about it, she uses the incident to fail Mike, telling him he's not scary. Sulley is also washed out of the program due to his arrogance. Mike decides to participate in the university's Scare Games by teaming up with a fraternity made up of rejected monsters called Oozma Kappa composing of Don CarltonTerri and TerryArtand Squishy.

Sensing an opportunity, Mike baits Hardscrabble into accepting a wager: Sulley joins the team, which Mike has to accept since they need six 'bodies' and Randall has joined ROR, abandoning Mike. Mike then takes charge of the team and instructs them to do as he does.

For the next challenge, they have to get through the library without getting the librarian's attention, retrieve their flag, and escape.

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Sulley's impatience nearly costs them, but the rest of OK pull it off, advancing to the next round. That same night, they are invited to the ROR house but get badly humiliated. OK is ready to call it quits, so Mike takes them to Monsters Inc, showing them that they can still become Scarers.

monsters inc mike and sully meet

This also sparks a change in both Sulley and Mike, and they begin to understand each other. OK trains even harder under Mike's new leadership skills, making it through the next two rounds using their actual talent.

OK is pitted against ROR for the final round, in which both teams try to out-scare the other using simulators set to their highest level. On Sulley's suggestion, Mike goes last, pitting him against Johnny.

In the simulator, Mike remembers all the scorn and derision towards him in his life, unleashing his frustration in one mighty scare, and with that OK wins the Scare Games to everyone's surprise.

Mike later discovers that the simulator was tampered with so that Mike would get the highest score. Sulley admits it was him, revealing his lack of confidence in his friend. Mike decides to go into the human world where he tries to scare a little girl but he finds himself in a summer camp. The other girls don't find him scary, forcing him to run. Minutes later, Sulley arrives to rescue Mike and has to escape from forest rangers who mistake him for a bear.

He finds Mike at a lake, sulking over his failure. The two argue, the both of them venting their frustrations. They make their way back to the door but Hardscrabble has deactivated it. With the rangers nearby, Mike believes that they can generate enough energy to activate the door from their side. Using Mike's knowledge of scare tactics, Sulley scares the adults, which not only activates the door but overloads every scream canister in the room. Mike and Sulley make it back, but are expelled for their actions.

The two say their goodbyes to their OK brothers, who tell them that Hardscrabble was impressed with their performance in the games and allowed them into the Scare Program. For the first time, Mike doesn't have a plan, yet he states that he's "okay just being okay.

monsters inc mike and sully meet

Hardscrabble arrives with the school paper, showing them they made the front page. She tells them that they surprised her, something she believed was impossible. While she can't do anything about their expulsion despite the fact she's the one who expelled themshe wishes them both luck and tells Mike to "keep surprising people.

They start in the mailroom, then get promoted to janitors, kitchen assistants, and then can wranglers. Finally, Sulley enters the company's open tryouts, becoming a scarer with Mike as his assistant. He and Sulley became rookie of the year. It's hard to say where this belief comes from, but it is perpetuated in every facet of scarer training and Monsters, Inc.

Whenever a monster comes into contact with something that has touched a child, the decontamination crew rushes in, masks and gloves on. When Boo sneaks into the monster world, Sully and Mike shake in their boots because they believe without question that that child is dangerous. When does this happen? To get Boo home, there is only one thing that Mike and Sully must do.

They must hook up her door in the scare room, turn on the machine, and open the door for her to return. Escape is in sight until Randall sends the door up into the rafters. Their only chance is to find the door in the large and meandering network of doors and get her home. In which movie do the two monsters take to the rafters? By this moment, Sully has developed a soft heart for the adorable kid who snuck into the world of monsters.

The last thing he wants to do is see the child hurt in any way. Still, circumstances fall together the way they always do and he shows a side that he had wished would never come to the surface in front of her. His pearly white teeth and razor-sharp claws become all she can see and she is filled with terror. The Randall that first came to Monsters University was a whole different person. His voice is weak and unsure.

He slinks around not from secrecy but from discomfort with standing under the spotlight. There are some signs of the conniving monster who at last appears, but the man who first greets Mike in front of the dormitory is a different man entirely. In which movie do we get to see the two monsters greet each other for the very first time? As the monster on the top of the charts of scarers, Sully has all the fame anyone can ask for. He is known all around town, adored by people everywhere.

Mike serves as both a wing man and a body guard, talking up his accomplishments to his fans while also brushing the riffraff aside. Mike is doing just this when the two janitors approach. He isn't exactly rude but doesn't fill them with warm, fuzzy feelings either.

Monsters, Inc Monsters University 9When is the outfit-making montage? The OK fraterity may still have their dignity, but it is not the richest or most popular fraternity out there, not by far. Each of the members is in charge of making their own outfits, which means attaching the letter badges and sewing the cloth into a sweatshirt. Each one comes out great, which is a bit of a surprise because none of the monsters have any especial interest in home ec.

In which movie does the fraternity put together their outfits? Monsters, Inc Monsters University 10When is this touching moment? Mike's hat has been through a lot, almost as much as he has. Right after Mike enters campus, a dog-like monster grabs his hat and gives him the chase of his life.

Mike's hat has been with him through the best and the worst of his college memories, and at this moment he grips it and things of all that has happened and all that could have been if he had not so utterly failed. Don't worry, there's a happy ending. This little toddler is still learning about her world.

When she sees something fuzzy, she only thinks about the nice things in the world like cats. She adores Sully and doesn't fear him one bit until the awful moment when he brandishes his teeth at her. In fact, Sully is more scared of Boo than she ever is of him.

monsters inc mike and sully meet

In what movie does Boo playfully chase Sully's tail until at last she grabs two big handfuls of Sully fur? Mike as a young college kid isn't sure how to approach or impress anyone.

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He can't help but fall onto the short list of unpopular kids on campus. The sorority girls who pass by him find his approach nothing but hysterical.

In what movie does he have this fleeting but embarrassing moment? Even the Monsters universe has annoying pets, and unfortunately for Mike, an odd, dog-like monster runs off with his hat.

monsters inc mike and sully meet

It's hard to say exactly what the critter is. It's not exactly a dog, but it doesn't talk like other monsters. It is a sort of monster dog, one that seems perfectly natural to Mike and Sully in their imaginary monster world, but one that still sticks out as odd to the audience. In what movie does this dog monster chase scene take place? Handily, the people in the monster world are afraid of children. This means that each and every one of them up to and including Randall will shirk away if a child comes near.

This makes it very easy for the little girl to have the upper hand. This scuffle is one of many in which Boo is the definite winner. In which movie is Boo able to reign over all of the monsters in the building without so much as a giggle? Pixar can be very dark sometimes. For a company that rolls out children's movies, it certainly knows how to strike a cord.

Moments before, Boo is seen being tossed into a trash compacter, and then this cube comes out. This is an image of Sully fully believing that a child has been squished into cube form, and Mike only beginning to comprehend the horror. Of course, Boo is totally fine and finds the whole ordeal hilarious. In which movie does this horrifying 15 seconds take place?

Mike and Sully don't seem like best friend material when they first meet. Sully couldn't be more full of himself as a college kid. He naturally excels at scaring, and his athletic build makes him ready to take on just about any challenge.

Mike's head is full of dreams but he is small and unsure of himself, completely unprepared to take on the world. At first, Sully just sees Mike as a way to feel even better about himself, right up until the moment when they need each other.

Monsters, Inc Monsters University 17When is it just another day in the office?

monsters inc mike and sully meet

It's the start of the scaring shift and everyone is lined up, ready to generate power by scaring kids as much as possible, as efficiently as possible. Scarers are highly trained, highly respected members of monster society. Their jobs are also very risky, so far as they know, since it is a common belief that children are dangerous.

In which movie do we get a glimpse into the daily lives of the scarers and their extensive system of support workers? There was once a time when Mike held fast to his dream of being a scarer. It had not quite dawned on him how difficult that feat would turn out to be. Some monsters have a fearsome stature and razor-sharp teeth.

These monsters loom over all of the others, able to excel without any effort. Mike, on the other hand, tries harder than anyone else and still can't get as much as a peep from the simulated child. When does he study how to make a scary face? Mike is a grown up monster who has gone much farther than a simple crush. He has finally found a girl who, for some strange reason, likes him back.

It's hard for him to spend time with Celia Mae when everything is going wrong and he can't say a word about it, but he certainly tries not to stand her up. When does Mike get to spend a little quality time with Celia Mae in between times of total catastrophe? In some ways, the hardest part of going to college is saying goodbye.

The friends that people meet in college are there for the biggest changes in their lives, the moments that make people who they are. At this moment, Sully is sharing a heartfelt hug with the fraternity that he has been through it all with. It's not the first time that Sully has been certain it's time to leave school for good, but the moment is the same each time.

Some people just want to watch the world burn. Randall wants to see the big name of Sully get dragged through the mud, and he also wants a little something for himself in the meantime. He knows that he can just sit back and let Mike and Sully clean up their mess, but where's the fun in that?

Randall sends the door up to the gigantic door warehouse on the ceiling because he is sure it will seal his plan. Mike and Sully have known each other for a very long time, ever since college. After bonding as fraternity brothers, the two remain partners as they enter the work force.

Different as they may be, the two are inseparable. They go everywhere together, working almost seamlessly except when something very stressful comes by. When do the two actually live in the same room together, twin bunk next to twin bunk?